Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Prima Review, Overview, Staterooms, Photos, Statistics

Norwegian Prima Norwegian Cruise Line - copyright Fincantieri Shipbuilding

Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Prima Review

Norwegian Prima is the first ship in Norwegian Cruise Line's Prima/Leonardo Class ships. Weighing in at 143,535 tons, the Prima is situated between the Gem Class and Breakaway Class of NCL from a size perspective. The ship is new and was just delivered to Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) at the end of July 2022. It is obvious that externally the ship is very modern and futuristic looking based on her bow, funnel and stern design. The ship does not have a traditional bow and actually slopes backward, almost like an X-bow design.

Internally, the Norwegian Prima is unlike the other ships within the NCL fleet. The ship is filled with many intimate spaces which allow passengers to be disbursed though-out the ship. Gone are the massive showrooms which are replaced by the Prima Theater and Club. The 700 seat venue performs many duties including acting as the ship's main show lounge for evening performances of "Summer-the Donna Summer Musical, staring Kimberly Locke from American Idol" until January of 2023. The Prima Theater and Club transforms late night into the dance club with DJ music and during the day hosts a multitude of activities, such as the Price Is Right Live Show. The 3 Deck Penrose Atrium is packed with high-end shops, the reception desk, the future cruise desk, bars and live music. There is a Comedy Club, Cigar Lounge, Casino, Barber Shop, Internet Cafe, a virtual library, where guests can use their e-reader, phone or tablet to checkout any of the library's extensive collection of books and magazines, as well as a Photo Gallery for those captured memories.

Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Prima - The Good

  • The Prima is packed with amenities sure to please kids of all ages.
  • NCL continues the tradition of offering extensive dining options. Indulge Food Hall as well as the Mediterranean Restaurant are new dining options. All food sampled was very good.
  • The Oceanwalk, with it's glass floor provides guests a view of the ocean 8 decks below.
  • NCL has opted to create a more intimate cruise ship with smaller public spaces and has succeeded.
  • The Prima Speedway is lots of fun for kids and adults.
  • The slides - The Drop, The Rush and Waves are fun for thrill seekers.
  • The Infinity Pools at Infinity Beach (and adjoining areas) offer expansive sea views and areas for relaxation not found on most ships.
  • Galaxy Virtual Reality Pavilion - Test your flying, driving and gaming skills in this high tech arcade
  • Play a game of Darts at the Bull's Eye, foosball, ping-pong, beer-pong, mini-golf and more.
  • Crew was very attentive and pleasant.
  • As usual, NCL has a very good Kids Program. The Prima provides many age appropriate activities outside the program as well.

Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Prima - Areas of Concern

  • The concept of the Prima with its smaller public rooms, relies heavily on passengers being distributed through-out the ship. If this concept fails the ship could seem crowded.
  • The Surfside Buffet and Indulge were crowded during my visit but the crew was quick to clear the tables for the next guest curtailing the wait.
  • The ship decor lacks color and some of the public spaces have plain white walls - probably not a good choice for wear and tear going forward with 3,000+ guests boarding weekly.
  • The ceilings in some of the public spaces are low. For someone 6 foot 3 inches tall, headroom clearance was only 3-5 inches and in some places even less.
  • Some staircases on the ship had handrails on one side of the stairwell only, which is a hazard for older passengers or if rough seas are encountered.
  • Navigating through the ship can be a bit of a challenge since the traditional deck-plan layout displays (usually found by the elevators) have been eliminated. The traditional signage has been replaced with land-based signs to provide the feel of a land-based resort and not a cruise-ship.

Bars and Lounges On The Norwegian Prima

The Norwegian Prima has 19 bars and lounges. Bars are located poolside, in showrooms, lounges, restaurants, the Cigar Room and more. Some bars specialize in whiskey, wine, beer and general liquor. There is also The Local Bar & Grill which is the ship's 7 X 24 dining establishment. You will never go thirsty on-board the Norwegian Prima.

Dining On-Board The Norwegian Prima

NCL has always been a pioneer when it comes to dining and dining experiences. They were the first to offer open seating dining on large cruise ships and the first to create various international eateries on board their ships. Dining in some of these specialty restaurants is included in the cruise fare, while others require an additional cover. The Norwegian Prima is no different offering, Italian, Mediterranean (New), Japanese, Mexican, French, Pub Food, Cagney's Steakhouse, the Surfside Cafe Buffet, and a New eatery called Indulge. Indulge offers food selections made to order from 11 different types of cuisine, including Texas BBQ, Indian, Chinese, Spanish, deli, Grilled favorites, soups and salads, and desserts. You can mix and match, choosing items from each menu to form your meal or to sample between you and your table mates. The majority of the Indulge Food Hall is free except for Coco's Desserts and Starbucks. It should be noted that your food is ordered via a tablet located on your table and the wait staff will bring your food as soon as it is ready. It was mentioned that on average you need to wait approximate 4-6 minutes for the freshly prepared food to arrive - not long at all. The Indulge Food Hall dining experience is new to NCL (but was originally introduced on Virgin Voyages to the cruise industry). Indulge seemed extremely popular on my Norwegian Prima visit.

Activities On-Board The Norwegian Prima

The Norwegian Prima is jam packed with activities offering something for everyone. Here are just a few of the activities.

  • Prima 3 Level Speedway - Go-cart Track - Available at an extra fee but Fun, Fun, Fun!
  • The Rush 10 Story Slide - Race your friend down the slide.
  • The Drop - Have the floor drop out as you slide down 10 decks of twisting slides.
  • The Wave - Tidal Water Slide.
  • Swim in one of the 2 Infinity Pools or relax in the 4 Hot Tubs.
  • Galaxy Virtual Reality Pavilion - Test your driving skills and gaming skills in this high tech arcade
  • Try a game of Darts at the Bull's Eye.
  • Try your luck in the Casino.
  • Oceanwalk - Step out on the Ocean Walk - Glass Floor over the side of the ship
  • Dance, See a show, Enjoy some tropical music up on deck
  • Read a book, Surf the Net (fee).
  • Shop - At sea the on-board shops are open!
  • Work out at the Gym and enjoy the expansive water views.
  • Visit the Stadium and enjoy Foosball, Darts, Shuffleboard, ping-pong, pickleball, subsoccer, beer-pong and more.
  • Catch a comedy show at the Improv At Sea
  • Get a hair cut at the barber shop.
  • Time for a Spa Treatment at the Mandarin Spa.
  • Go for a late night snack at the Local Pub and Grill.
  • High-End Mini Golf.

Staterooms Norwegian Prima

Norwegian Prima has many types of staterooms to offer passengers including inside, outside, balcony; multi-room suites with balconies and the multi-bedroom exclusive ship within a ship concept - "The Haven". All staterooms are well appointed, neat and clean with sufficient space for up to 2 weeks travel. In most staterooms, the beds can be configured as a queen or 2 twins. Each stateroom has a small sitting area, dressers, desk and under bed storage as well.

Accommodations include the company's signature luxury ship–within-a-ship complex: The Haven by Norwegian; along with Studios, designed and priced for solo travelers; and many options for families, multi-generational groups; spa enthusiasts and more.

The bathrooms are larger than those found on most other cruise ships - Nicely laid out, the bathrooms have a sink, storage, shower and toilet. There are shelves and/or a small cabinet for toiletries storage.

The differences between most staterooms is the square footage, location and the connection with the outside. Larger rooms are more expensive. Staterooms with aft or bow views demand a premium. Suites and the Haven - cost more than balconies, which cost more than outside staterooms, which cost more than inside staterooms. Solo cabins are also sold at a premium - but not as much as other cruise lines charge.
It is all up to your preference and budget.

The Haven (High End Suites) is arranged differently than on other older NCL ships, The 107 Haven Suites span 8 decks along the outside of the ship. The balconies tend to be larger for these suites. Some suites are multi-room and offer private bedroom(s) and sitting areas. There is a private elevator to get to deck 16 & 17 where the Haven resident's private restaurant, bar, Infinity pool, hot tubs, sun deck and more are located.

Mandarin Spa - Norwegian Prima

The Mandarin Spa is a sanctuary located forward on the ship. Here guest can treat themselves to various Spa treatments included Stone Therapy, Deep Muscle Massage, Aroma Seaweed Massage, Bamboo Massage to name a few. Spa guests can also relax in the the Vitality or Salt Floatation Pool where they can immerse themselves in the tranquil sounds of the two-story cascading indoor spa waterfall. . There are various Saunas as well as The Ice Room and Thermal Stone loungers you can enjoy.

Kids Program - Norwegian Prima

The Norwegian Prima is a very kid friendly ship, with an extensive kids program. The ships kids program is held in separate spaces and the children / young adults are divided into 3 age groups with age appropriate activities. The little ones may dress-up like pirates and take part in the ship's parade, while older kids may take part in a ship wide scavenger hunt. For younger kids there is also the splash-academy as well as a good size water park with jets of water shooting up from the deck. Activities are available for a good chunk of the day and into the evening hours. In addition to the organized children's program, there are many sports oriented activities and other family related activities to keep everyone busy outside of the kids program. There is a Virtual Reality video arcade (available for a fee) where kids can fine tune their gaming skills. Mini-golf, ping-pong, water slides, dry slides, the Prima Raceway (fee), and more.

Please note that some activities listed above (like the more dramatic slides) have minimum height and age requirements and not all children will be able to participate.

Final Thoughts - Norwegian Prima.

In conclusion, the Norwegian Prima represents the next generation of cruise ships. The Prima has the feel and decor of a land-based resort. The ship is packed with amenities that will appeal to the family market. Some notable amenities include: the Prima Speedway, water slides, free-fall slides, pools, whirlpools, Ocean Boulevard, a plethora of dining options, bars and an array of entertainment options.

The food is very tasty with a wide selection of international, vegetarian and meat options. Indulge Food Hall and the Mediterranean Restaurant are nice additions to NCL's current line up of cuisine. The food presentation is outstanding.

With 13 categories of staterooms/suites, there is surely an accommodation to please everyone. The Prima's staterooms and bathrooms are larger than those found on most mass market ships.

The Haven guests have spacious accommodations with a bedroom, living or sitting room, large bath and balcony. Haven guests have a dedicated dining room, lounge, bar, hot tubs and infinity pool overlooking the wake of the ship. Concierge service is available. The Haven is ideal for those looking for a more upscale experience.

Overall the Prima has something for everyone and is sure to please the entire family.

Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Prima Profile, Statistics, Photos, Staterooms and More

Public Rooms Norwegian Prima Speedway Race Track
Norwegian Prima Speedway
Norwegian Prima Penrose Atrium Norwegian Cruise Line
Penrose Atrium - Norwegian Prima
Ocean Boulevard - Infinity Beach - Norwegian Prima Norwegian Cruise Line
Ocean Boulevard - Infinity Beach - Norwegian Prima
Observation Lounge Norwegian Prima
Observation Lounge - Norwegian Prima
Norwegian Prima Mandara Spa Pool
Mandara Spa Pool & Waterfall - Norwegian Prima
Norwegian Prima's Local Bar and Grill
Norwegian Prima's Local Bar and Grill
Norwegian Prima Hudson's Restaurant
Main Dining Room - Hudson's Restaurant - Norwegian Prima
Norwegian Prima's Prima Theater & Club
Prima Theater & Club - Norwegian Prima

Norwegian Prima Basic Stats
Cruise Line: Norwegian Cruise Line
Ship Name: Norwegian Prima
Ship Class/Group: Leonardo Class
Builders: Fincantieri Shipbuilders, Marghera, Italy
Yard #: 6298
Length: 965 Feet
Width: 133 Feet
Draft: 27.85 Feet
Speed: 20.5 Knots
Year Built: 2022
Refurbished: N/A
Year Entered Fleet: July 29. 2022
Country of Registry: Bahamas
Tonnage (GRT): 143,535
Pax (basis 2): 3,099
Max Pax (w/Uppers): 3,894
Passenger Decks: 20
Number of Crew: 1,506
Officers' Nationality: Norwegian
Cruise/Hotel Staff Nationality: International

13 Stateroom Categories
Total Passenger Staterooms: 1,646
Haven: Owner Suites: 6
Haven: Courtyard Penthouse Suites: 58
Haven: Suites: 43
Balcony: 1,030
Window: 124
Inside: 385
Crew Cabins: 912

Summer - Donna Summer the Musical Though January 2023
Noise Boys - Tap Dancing Show
Live Music
Go Cart Speedway - 3 Levels
Mini Golf, Foosball, Ping Pong, Beer Pong, Shuffleboard...
Galaxy Pavilion Virtual Reality Arcade / Rides
Large Screen TV for Outdoor Movie Viewing
Comedy Club
Show Lounge / Theater - Seats 700

27 Regular and Specialty Dining Options
Hudson Main Dining Room - Free
Commodore Main Dining Room - Free
Indulge Food Hall - 11 Cuisines - Free
Le Bistro French Cuisine - Fee
Los Lobos - Mexican - Fee
Surfside Cafe' - Buffet - Free
Hasuki - Japaneese - Fee
Cagney's Steakhouse - Steak & Seafood - Fee
Local Bar & Grill - Pub Fare- Free
Food Republic - Various Int'l Cuisine - Fee
Palomar - Mediterranean Cuisine - Fee
Onda by Scarpetta Italian Restaurant - Fee
Room Service - Fee

Spa / Wellness / Fitness
Fitness Center
Full Service Spa - Fee
Massages: Deep Tissue, Seaweed, Stone, Bamboo, More - Fee
Spa Pool with 2 Story Waterfall
Spa Thermal Suite - Fee
Thermal Lounge Chairs - Fee
Sauna/Steam Room
Beauty Salon - Fee
Fitness Track

Pools & Water Attractions
2 Infinity Pools
4+ Hot Tubs
Kids Aqua Park
Water Slides - The Wave - Tidal Slide
Dry Slides - The Drop - Free Fall Slide
Dry Slides - The Rush - Racing Slides
Private Infinity Pool For Haven Guests
Private Whirlpools for Haven Guests

Public Rooms
19 Bars/Lounges
Prima Theater & Club
Penrose 3 Story Atrium
Comedy Club
Cigar Lounge
Barber Shop
Galaxy Pavillion - Virtual Reality Arcade
Vive Beach Club
Starbucks - Fee
Digital Library
Internet Center
Reception Desk
Next Cruise Desk
La Terraza - Outside Area
The Concourse - Outside Area
Photo Gallery

Children / Teens
Organized Age-Specific Activities
Outdoor Children's Play Area
Dedicated Teen Center
Teen Programs
Children's Pool
Youth Staff
Babysitting Available

Other Facilities / Services
Duty-Free Shops/Boutiques
Concierge Desk
Infirmary/Medical Center
Safe Deposit Boxes

The Haven - Luxury Suites Complex
107 Luxury Suites - Span 8 Decks
Separate Infinity Pool
Concierge Desk
Separate Dining Room
Separate Whirpools & Sunning Area
Separate Bar
Separate Elevators
Priority Boarding, Shore Excursions and Disembarkation

Norwegian Prima Sample Staterooms

Norwegian Prima Inside Stateroom
Inside Stateroom - Norwegian Prima
Norwegian Prima's Balcony Staterooms
Balcony Stateroom - Norwegian Prima
Norwegian Prima Outside Stateroom
Outside Stateroom - Norwegian Prima
Norwegian Prima Haven Suite
Haven Suite - Norwegian Prima